Mary’s heart: A mother’s love


Mary’s heart: A mother’s love

by Nicole Dickson


This Easter, I found myself particularly drawn to Mary, the mother of Jesus. It may be because I, too, am a mother, watching prayerfully from the sidelines as my children unfold into their adult lives. Or maybe it is because I have been thinking so much about mothers around the world, especially those in war-torn and starving regions.


Mary occupies a revered and enigmatic role in the vast tapestry of Christian tradition. Her presence in her son’s life is profound yet often shrouded in mystery. Among the most poignant moments of her life are the days preceding Jesus’ crucifixion, a time of extreme anguish and uncertainty. As I contemplated Mary’s heart during those days, I felt invited to glimpse the depths of her maternal love, faith, and suffering.


First and foremost, I want to recognise Mary’s unwavering faith amidst the impending storm. From the annunciation to the foot of the cross, Mary’s life was a testament to her trust in God’s divine plan. Yet, as the shadows of Golgotha loomed closer, her faith must have been tested to its limits. How does a mother reconcile the promise of her son’s divine mission with the brutal reality of his impending death? Mary surely grappled with doubt and fear in her heart, yet she clung to the belief that God’s will would prevail, even in the face of unimaginable pain.


The days before Jesus’ crucifixion must have been marked by enormous emotional turmoil for Mary. As she witnessed her son’s growing popularity and influence, she must have been filled with pride and hope for the future. Yet, alongside these feelings, a shadow of foreboding might have lingered—a mother’s intuition, perhaps, sensing the impending tragedy. The weight of Mary’s sorrow was compounded by the knowledge that her beloved son would endure unimaginable suffering for the sake of humanity’s salvation.


Mary’s experience during this time intertwined with her role as a witness to the unfolding drama of salvation. At the foot of the cross, she bore witness to Jesus’ sacrifice with a mother’s love, her heart pierced by the sword of sorrow foretold by Simeon.  


When contemplating the heart of Mary in the days before Jesus’ crucifixion, I was confronted with the profound mystery of maternal love and sacrifice. Mary’s journey is a testament to the depths of human suffering and the transformative power of faith. Standing at the foot of the cross alongside Mary, I was reminded of the redemptive power of love—a love that transcends death and offers hope amidst despair. May Mary’s example inspire us to embrace our own crosses with courage and trust, knowing that God’s love will ultimately prevail.


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