Hearts On Fire

This course offers new ways to pray and live and gives an opportunity to learn more about Ignatian Spirituality. Hearts on Fire offers an engaging introduction over the course of six weekly online sessions. The Ignatian approach to Christian Spirituality, which is about Finding God in All Things, and becoming ever-more aware of God in the midst of our often very full daily lives, is explored. Hearts on Fire also provides an introduction and some experience of some basic Ignatian ways of praying, including Imaginative Gospel Contemplation and the Examen of Consciousness.


The next course starts 25 May 2023. Your investment includes a manual.

The Enneagram of Personality

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. Wikipedia


Our training offers answers to the frequently asked questions: What is the Enneagram? How does the Enneagram work? How is the Enneagram used? What does it say about my personality? Join us to find the answers, explore and understand yourself better and more…


Our online course will be presented on Saturday/Sunday, 22-23 July 2023, from 9h30 – 16h00.


Investment: R1250 per person.

Spiritual Accompaniment Training

Our advanced training is five years in duration and helps people train as Spiritual Accompaniers, capable of directing the 30-Day Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola and supervising other Spiritual Directors. A three-year course is offered in 8 four-day modules over the first two years (these are offered online, with one module each year being held in person at a residential centre in Johannesburg. In the third year, the practical requirement of 50 supervised hours of spiritual direction is completed. The course is offered from an Ignatian point of view but is designed to be of benefit to people whose dominant spirituality is not necessarily Ignatian. These modules are followed by one-year training in giving the full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola and one-year training in the Supervision of Spiritual Accompaniers. The next course will start in February 2023.


Investment: R25,000 over 3 years for tuition/supervision. Excludes transport, accommodation and books. There will be a discount on selected Jesuit Institute retreats over the 3 years. Payment plans are available.


Applications for this training course are now closed.


This week-long group retreat within a parish or community setting introduces a number of Ignatian ways of prayer and experiencing Ignatian Spirituality in an African context. Participants are able to share something of their experience with others also making the retreat. Tsotsoletsa takes into account some significant issues such as dreams, ancestors and the sharing of our stories.

Ngihamba neNkosi

This course trains facilitators for the Tsotseletsa inculturated group retreat in daily life. It is offered in a modular format to enable people from around the country to attend. This is an introductory training in facilitating an Ignatian Parish retreat in a township context.

Prayer Guide Training

The Prayer Guide Training equips you as a prayer guide to accompany others on retreats in daily life as well as to facilitate a parish retreat. The emphasis is on training for one to one spiritual accompaniment on retreats. The course includes both theory and practice of basic listening skills and listening skills specific to spiritual accompaniment (including basic discernment of Spirits and listening for a person’s image of God).