What is a Retreat?

There are retreats to meet every need and circumstance. Some are made away from home at retreat centres, others in the midst of daily life. Some last a weekend, others 8-days and others 30-days; Some are made individually, others in community. Our lives are filled with demands, choices and information overload. It can be hard to shut down the outer and inner noise long enough to see the bigger picture and to reconnect with what is most important. Like any relationship, our relationship with God needs some protected quality time and space to deepen. When we are tired and depleted a retreat is a chance to fill the well and to be renewed with a greater sense of energy and purpose. Often a retreat is an opportunity to get clarity on important decisions. Most significantly it is the chance for God to gift us with whatever we most need at this moment in our lives. Practically this is what a time of retreat offers.

  • It gives a dedicated time and space to deepen your relationship with God.
  • Someone who is trained to listen to you each day and to help you to sense God’s leading and invitation at this time in your life.
  • Silence on residential retreats to enable you to shut out distractions for a while to tune into God’s voice.

Opportunity for Private Retreats or Quiet days

The Jesuit Institute offers the opportunity for individuals to come on retreat at the Jesuit Institute in Auckland Park. During this time you may pray in your room or in the Jesuit Community Chapel, or in the beautiful gardens of the Jesuit Institute. You may request a Spiritual Director, or you can spend your time in quiet contemplation by yourself. Spaces are dependent upon there being room in the Jesuit Community, but if you are interested please contact the Director.

Our upcoming Retreats

We offer a variety of residential Ignatian Retreats in the traditional modes:



These retreats are made residentially at a retreat centre which is a quiet and beautiful space conducive to reflection and prayer. These retreats offer a wonderful opportunity for spending quality time with God with the help of a well-trained retreat guide. Many people take the opportunity to make an eight-day retreat each year. A retreat such as this can also be especially helpful when one is facing an important life decision.

These retreats are usually eight full days (not including the night of arrival and the morning of departure). The retreat is made in silence. Each day you will meet with the spiritual director assigned to you for the retreat.

This will be someone well-trained in retreat accompaniment who will be able to help you to sense the leading of the Holy Spirit. He or she will give you materials to pray with based on what is happening for you in your life and relationship with God.

In the evening there will be the opportunity for the Eucharist and for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for those who wish.


30 Day

These are the full 30 Day retreat of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola.


Weekend Retreats

Occasionally we offer Weekend retreats, e.g. our Hiking Retreat, where we begin on a Friday and end on a Sunday.


Quiet Days

From time to time we offer a Saturday retreat at the Jesuit Institute for various groups. If you would like one, please contact retreats@jesuitinstitute.org.za.

Seminarians praying in the seminary chapel (Picture: St Francis Xavier Seminary, Facebook)

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