Who are we?

The Jesuit Institute is dedicated to encouraging debate on current social and religious issues, from a faith perspective, and to stimulating critical reflection, research and dialogue.

We work with people of various church and faith backgrounds and those with none at all, from the business, political and educational sectors. We are keen to engage with all who have an interest in improving our society.

The Jesuit Institute provides reflection, training and critical analysis of contemporary social and religious issues from a Catholic perspective, rooted in the Ignatian tradition and informed by Catholic Social Teaching. We are motivated by the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

It is a work of the Society of Jesus in South Africa.

What is our vision?

The Jesuit Institute South Africa promotes an inclusive and integrated faith-based vision of personal and social transformation.

What is our goal?

The Jesuit Institute South Africa seeks to expand the horizons of hope.

What makes the Jesuit Institute unique?

The Jesuit Institute is the only such institution in the Church in Southern Africa. We offer a unique perspective which forms and informs all we do: our Ignatian tradition. We strive to provide a professional service to all whom we work with and for. It is a collaborative work, internally collaborating between Jesuits and lay people, externally collaborating with many diverse partners. These partners are often Catholic but we also have a rich network of partners from other Christian communities and the secular world.

What is the focus of the Jesuit Institute?

The Jesuit Institute has two main areas of focus: reconciliation and formation. Our choice of work, from now until 2024, will be specifically related to and focus on these two areas.


Through the gift of the Ignatian tradition we seek to initiate, where  needed, and support existing works of reconciliation. We notice that many people are struggling within themselves. They struggle to accept that they are loved and called by God, that they are good and have gifts to offer the world.

This is often the result of events, experiences and circumstances that are beyond their control. Through retreats, ongoing spiritual direction and workshops we attempt to help people begin journeying the path of reconciliation with themselves and others.

This is closely linked to reconciling the divisions in our faith community and society. We focus on divisions caused by race, gender, economics, education and migration. We attempt to address these issues in retreats and workshops and through our commentary and analysis. We seek to empower people to be men and women for others.

We are also concerned about the degradation of the environment. We notice that many of the issues mentioned above are also closely linked to the disregard of the natural world. We, therefore, with partners, try to bring people together to raise awareness and seek ways forward which are based on best practices to ensure that we live in harmony with the gift of creation that God has given us.

We approach these areas of focus from the perspective of justice and informed by our Ignatian tradition.


Integral to our vision and goal is the formation of young people and adults. We do this through formal teaching, workshops, trainings and public engagement in various forms of media. We seek to form people, expanding their horizons for, ultimately, the work of justice and reconciliation. Catholic Social Teaching is our foundation and our reference.


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Our Strategy

Our four strategic projects that work towards greater reconciliation and formation

We achieve our strategy in different ways through the following projects:

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