JIST School of Theology Opportunities for Theological Training

JIST (the Jesuit Institute School of Theology) has now shifted its focus from providing weekly theology classes in central Johannesburg to supporting two distance-learning programmes available nationwide, each leading to a Higher Certificate. Whether you are involved in your parish as a catechist or whether you are just interested in deepening your own personal theology we recommend that you explore one or other of these new options. The Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies (Catholic Bible College) If your main interest is in deepening your understanding and appreciation of the Bible, a Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies is available as a two-year online course with Bernadette Chellew, certificated by St Augustine’s Catholic College. This course is especially suitable for those who are in any way involved in a ministry of the word. Further information on the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies The Higher Certificate in Theology for Ministry (Theological Education by Extension College) If your interest is in basic theology, covering a wide range of topics, then a Higher Certificate in Theology for Ministry is available as a three-year distance learning course (including two modules on biblical studies) via the ecumenical TEE College. The Jesuit Institute School of Theology has worked with TEE throughout 2014 to produce course material specific to the Roman Catholic context. JIST will also be supporting those studying the RC modules with a series of study days in the Johannesburg area throughout the year. This course would be especially suitable for anyone involved in parish catechesis or school RE. Further information for the Higher Certificate in Theology for Ministry (RC) Theology training for aspirant deacons If you are an aspirant deacon these two certificated courses together now form the academic training approved by the deacons’ board for those who wish to apply for the diaconate. The first part of the course consists of the full Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies (two years) and the second part is a shortened version of the Higher Certificate in Theology for Ministry (two years) – omitting the Biblical modules. Further information for aspirant deacons JIST contact from September 2014: Fr David Rowan SJ on jist@jesuitinstitute.org.za see also info@jesuitinstitute.org.za

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