LISTEN: Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent — Year C

The Scripture texts we hear on this Second Sunday of Advent can be summed up as describing for us how our loving, merciful God intervenes in our favour — despite the mess we may have created!   In the first reading the Prophet Baruch writes for a people who have lost their kingdom — Jerusalem has been destroyed and the temple reduced to rubble. The people have been taken into exile. Baruch assures them that God has not forgotten them; he told them that their sorrows would end soon. He says that the Jews returning from Exile are a sign of God’s intervention in human history, an intervention they too must hope for and in.   In the Gospel we are told who the rulers are in the world into which Jesus came. We are given a time and place when Jesus lived in our midst, God incarnate. St Luke then introduces us to John the Baptist, a rather strange character, who cries out in a certain time and place to his contemporaries, and now to us  too:  “Prepare a way for the Lord!”   The readings this week invite us to ponder three things: (i) the great invitation offered to us for salvation; (ii) how we wait with patience; and (iii) what change we need to embrace.   Join Fr Russell Pollitt SJ as he reflects on the readings for the Second Sunday of Advent.  

Read the texts in your Bible or hover your mouse over the references below to see the texts.

Baruch 5:1-9; Psalm 126; Philippians 1:4-6,8-11; Luke 3:1-6

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Fr Russell Pollitt SJ

Fr Russell Pollitt SJ is the Director of the Jesuit Institute and is interested in the impact that communications technology has on society and spirituality. He regularly comments on South African Politics and various issues in the Catholic Church. @rpollittsj
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