The main component of our spirituality work is training. We offer training to people so that they can accompany others on retreats in daily life and this has a significant multiplier effect.

The Jesuit Institute offers various levels of training in Spiritual Direction

Explore the variety of training offered at the basic and advanced levels.

Basic Training (Level 1)

After having attended our Weeks of Guided Prayer, Hearts on Fire or Tsotsoletsa events, where you are taught how to pray in the Ignatian tradition, many people desire to lead others to prayer. Our Basic Training is designed to equip people so that they can become a Prayer Guide or facilitiate a parish retreat in the township context.

Advanced Training (Levels 2-4)

Our advanced training is five years in duration and helps people train as Spiritual Directors, capable of directing the 30 Day Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola and in supervising other Spiritual Directors.

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  • 2. Trainee Spiritual Director »
  • 3. Spiritual Exercises Director »
  • 4. Spiritual Director Supervisor »

Level 1

An introduction to facilitating & leading others in Ignatian Prayer

There are two alternate routes to choose from

  • Prayer Guide Training

    This is aimed at anyone who has no previous training in Spiritual Direction.

    Attendance at a Week of Guided Prayer or a Hearts on Fire retreat is a pre-requisite for attendance on this course.

  • Ngihamba neNkosi

    This is an introductory training in facilitating an Ignatian Parish retreat in a township context.

    Previous experience of a Tsoseletsa retreat is a pre-requisite for attendance on this course.

Level 2

A three year training in Spiritual Direction

A three year course offered in 8 four-day modules over the first two years (these are offered at Lumko, a residential centre, to enable people from all over Southern Africa to attend) in Johannesburg, with an extra year to complete the practical requirement of 70 supervised hours of spiritual direction in a pre-agreed variety of modes and settings.

Acceptance on the course is determined by previous training and experience. The course is offered from an Ignatian point of view, but is designed to be of benefit to people whose dominant spirituality is not necessarily Ignatian.

Level 3

A one year training in giving the Full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

This course is offered to Directors who have successfully completed the three year Spiritual Directors Training course and who have made the Full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius either as an enclosed retreat or as a retreat in daily life.

Level 4

A one year training in the Supervision of Spiritual Directors

This training is offered by invitation only to experienced Spiritual Directors whom the Jesuit Institute thinks may possess the charism to supervise others.