In the next five years we will work to continue building our network of volunteers who are trained by us. We will establish a strong structure that empowers our volunteers and collaborators to ensure our work reaches people and places we are limited in reaching.

In the spirituality project we want to give special focus to training and integrating the apostolic work of justice that flows from a life of prayer. We believe that racism, gender justice, migration and environmental degradation are in as much spiritual problems as they are social, economic and educational. We desire that all those who train with us would see how the spiritual life impels them to ethical leadership and action. We strive to help them bring that ethos into their work accompanying others as spiritual directors. In the next five years we will specifically require that anyone applying for our training would have a passion for a faith that does justice. We hope, in this time, to be more explicit in offering spiritual direction to those working in JRS, the media, ecology and mining as well as those who have suffered abuse – in the Church and more broadly.

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