Spiritual Direction

What is it? Spiritual Direction is a ministry used by the church since the time of the desert fathers and mothers. It is essentially a conversation where one person explores their relationship with God and its effect on their life. Who can offer Spiritual Direction? Spiritual Direction is offered by people who have the charism for this ministry who have also undertake some form of training to enable them to do it effectively. The Jesuit Institute has a large team of directors whom we refer people to for Spiritual Direction. All of these directors have been trained by us, or we recognise their training from other training providers. Our directors are drawn from across the Christian Churches, and are a mixture of lay people, religious and clergy. How does it work? The mode of Spiritual Direction that we use at the Jesuit Institute is of a once a month meeting. Individuals meet with their director about once a month for approximately an hour. We normally charge R450,00 per session, or an equivalent amount to what the individual themselves would earn in an hour. What to do if I am interested? Margaret Backwell m.backwell@jesuitinstitute.org.za

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