The Expansive Heart of God: Daily Reflections for Lent 2019


Each day, from the beginning of Lent through to the end of the Easter Octave, we are presented with a thought-provoking, and indeed sometimes seriously challenging, reflection based on the readings of the day. We are encouraged to search our hearts and minds; to identify attitudes, behaviours, trends which can lead to a lesser life than that which God wishes for each of us. However, there is also a great deal of reassurance and comfort in the reflections, for the one thing that comes across very clearly and emphatically is the amazing patience, forebearance and unconditional love which God has for humanity! That love knows no bounds, and so the title of the book is indeed apt. This book is suitable and highly recommended for personal or group use this Lenten season.

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The Expansive Heart of God: Daily Reflections for Lent by Russell Pollitt SJ and Annemarie Paulin-Campbell.

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