God’s Universe, Our Responsibility


Gods Universe, Our Responsibility: 40 Days of Ecological Reflections by Anthony Egan SJ.


Published by the Jesuit Institute South Africa. The book written by theologian, Fr Anthony Egan SJ, leads the reader through meditations and reflections considering the ecological (and humanitarian) crisis the earth faces.


Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’, Fr Egan tackles the question of how faith and science both contribute to our understanding of the universe. He does not shy away from exploring the legitimate questions science continues to ask about humanity and the universe. The text is a journey from the beginning to the present. It looks specifically at the place of human beings and our responsibility in taking care of our common home. This includes our responsibility to one another individually and corporately.


While the book challenges us to engage with both our Christian faith and science, it is accessible to anyone who seeks to make a meaningful journey through Lent. Its accessibility, however, does not mean it loses depth.


In the book you will find poems, meditations on Scripture and a ‘Pause for Refection’ ­–  questions to ponder after each section. This book is ideal for both individuals or groups who seek to pray through Lent in a focussed way. No facet of human life is left out, a number of themes are addressed including creation, sin, relationships, suffering, betrayal, love and witness.

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Gods Universe, Our Responsibility: 40 Days of Ecological Reflections by Anthony Egan SJ.


“There have always been tensions between faith and science: think about Galileo and the earth moving around the sun or Darwin explaining evolution. Our understanding of the universe is constantly growing because science is opening new horizons. Are science and theology at odds with each other? What does modern science have to contribute to our faith? What does our faith have to contribute to our understanding of the universe? Is the Big Bang theory or climate change a spiritual issue? In this book, Fr Anthony Egan SJ explores these questions in a series of 40 short reflections – ideal for Lent (or any other time of the year). This is a mind-opening, down-to-earth, exploration of the intersection between faith and science.” Dr Martin van Nierop, Managing Director Gondwana Environmental Solutions.


“Science continues to ask legitimate questions about the universe. Sometimes these questions rattle the very foundations of our Christian faith. In this book, Fr Anthony Egan SJ is not afraid to engage with those difficult questions. In this text, we are challenged to think and engage, in faith, with the ecological crisis science shows the universe faces. It is primarily a book which should lead us to deep reflection, prayer and conversion. Our conversion becomes apparent when we take act responsibly and adjust our lifestyles so that we become true stewards of all creation.” Fr Russell Pollitt SJ, Director Jesuit Institute South Africa

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