Privileged places of encounter with God / classically Ignatian styles of prayer

Before you begin to pray in the Ignatian Tradition it is always recommended you take a few moments to enter into the prayer. This may be as simple as sitting quietly with your eyes closed listening to the sounds around you as a way into stillness. Scripture – Ignatian Spirituality is profoundly scriptural. Two of the key ways of prayer used in this spirituality are Lectio Divina and Gospel Contemplation. The focus when we come to scripture is not primarily that of greater understanding of the text. It is not Bible study. Rather it is allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me here today in my own context through sacred scripture. To draw me into a deeper more personal relationship with Jesus Christ by contemplating and mediating on His life as presented in the Gospel narratives. Act of the presence of God – In the Spiritual Exercises Ignatius suggests that before I enter into prayer I spend a few moments aware of how God is looking at me now. Implicit in this is that God is always regarding me. I need to set aside time to be aware of God looking at me. Reflection on our own experience – God is actively communicating with me all the time – a major style of prayer used in Ignatian Spirituality is the daily Examen, the prayer of reflecting on how I was open to God, or how I turned from the Lord in the course of the day. We have designed material using religious and non-religious language to help you use this tool. Click here to download audio files to guide you through different versions of the Examen using religious language Click here to download audio files to guide you through different versions of the Examen using non-religious language Nature / Creation – Everything that is, has been created by God, as I contemplate creation, gazing at the ocean, marvelling at the dawn chorus or being profoundly aware of the scent of coffee I have the opportunity to be aware of the Creator through the creation.

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