Weekly Reflection from CPLO and the Jesuit Institute Week of 8 January 2018

by Paulina French ‘Arise shine out for your light has come, the glory of the Lord is shining upon you, though night still covers the earth and darkness the peoples’ (Isaiah 60:1-2)

The feast of the Epiphany reminds us of the reality of God’s presence even in the midst of the world’s darkness. Jesus was born into a world where there was corruption, violence, abuse and war. There are many similarities between our own context and the time of Jesus. The challenge then, as now, is to live with hope. A hope filled activism, that sees the reality of the world’s brokenness, but is still inspired to work to bring about a more just and peaceful society.

I ask for the grace of hope, that as I look around me I might see what I can do to help bring more light and love into the world as a reflection of God.

Mrs Paulina French

Paulina is a Chartered Accountant who spent a number of years working for an international auditing firm and with a major retail bank. She is married with two daughters. On the birth of her second daughter she left the corporate world and became a full time mom. She spent a few years doing some consulting work and used to work three mornings a week for the Jesuit Institute.

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