Weekly Reflection from CPLO and the Jesuit Institute Week of 11 July 2016

by Paulina French

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster”- (Elon Musk)

Change is never easy. It’s easier to talk about it than to actually drive transformation. Look around you. Look at the city you live in. Look at the place where you work.  Perhaps you are an entrepreneur.  Maybe you work for a big corporate or a small business.  Consider the school your children attend. Are there things in these various aspects of your life where you would like to see change? A change where there is more inclusion of those who have been excluded in the past because of colour or gender. Or are you happy for things to carry on as they are? So who do you think should start the change?  Somebody other than yourself?

Sometimes change starts with ourselves and often this is the most difficult. Changing the way we think about things, or the way we interact with others, can be a struggle, as it means acknowledging that we may not have been right in the past.

Please give me the strength to accept that I have made mistakes in the past.
Help me to go forward with the willingness to change.
So that I can be the best of myself for others.

Mrs Paulina French

Paulina is a Chartered Accountant who spent a number of years working for an international auditing firm and with a major retail bank. She is married with two daughters. On the birth of her second daughter she left the corporate world and became a full time mom. She spent a few years doing some consulting work and used to work three mornings a week for the Jesuit Institute.

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