“The Son of Man will be delivered into the hands of men; they will put him to death; and three days after he has been put to death he will rise again.”

Mark 9:31

Monday, 20 September 2021

Mark 9:30–37

The quote for today’s reflection, in many ways, encapsulates the essence of Christian belief. Jesus died for us and rose again. No doubt we have been told this many times as Christians. But perhaps this is an ideal moment to pause and to reflect on what this means.

Jesus, who is the Son of God, became human for us in the Incarnation. The Second Person of the Trinity, whose glory and greatness we cannot comprehend, became human. We could spend our entire lives trying to unpack this mystery and what it means for us! There is a beauty in this story that has the power to move us. God’s love for us is so strong that he did everything he could to draw near to us. Moreover, having drawn near, he let go of everything he had, including his life, to save us.

If we would like to respond to God’s love for us, one way to respond is to let this love touch us – to really impact us. Do we fully understand how much God loves us?

In our free time today, we could take a pause and reflect on the magnitude of God’s love. The more we realise the extent of God’s care for us, the more our hearts will want to respond to that love – in whatever we think, do and say.

Loving God,

You displayed your love for us by sending your Son to become human. Grant us the grace today to more fully realise the depth of your love so that our hearts can be moved to show our love for you in return. .


Rev. Grant Tungay SJ

Fr Grant Tungay SJ is a lawyer by training, he left a career in law to join the Jesuits. He specialised in human rights law and has done volunteer work at the SA Human Rights Commission and also worked as an intern for the Centre of Applied Legal Studies at WITS. He worked at the Jesuit Institute South Africa for a few years in the area of social justice and is interested in the overlap between law, social justice and spirituality.

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