“Returning from the territory of Tyre, he went by way of Sidon towards the Lake of Galilee, right through the Decapolis territory.”

Mark 7:31

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Mark 7:31-37

It seems that Jesus was on a road trip. He travelled from place to place, spending time with his disciples and taking time with the people in each place, preaching, teaching, and healing. In this case, the healing of the deaf man.

We also know that Jesus was attempting to instruct his disciples during this time, but their time was limited due to the masses of people who wanted to see Jesus and be in his presence. Perhaps, part of this road trip that he was making, was to find a quiet place to spend with his disciples. A place away from the crowds and the everyday demands. A place where they could focus and listen and contemplate and meditate. A retreat.

There are many times for us too that the busyness of life overwhelms us. Like Jesus and his disciples, we look for places to escape. Just as for Jesus and his disciples, this is not always possible. We are expected to just carry on going, keep producing, keep being present even if we are feeling depleted. Is it possible that we are missing out on lessons, miss hearing God’s message, and become drained during these times? Jesus had an intention and mission to instruct his disciples, yet he continued to minister to the people. He put his needs aside for the sake of others.

It is important to find places of solitude, places to recharge, places to listen for the messages that God has for us. Even in the busiest of moments, we should make time to just be. It is in the moments that we pause, that we breathe deeply, that we can find clarity and meaning and purpose. It is not possible for our lives to come to a standstill every day, but these small moments of retreat can bring us a sense of peace and enable us to continue with our activities more effectively.

Perhaps Jesus had an idea in mind of how and where he wanted to instruct his disciples but he had to find alternative ways to do this. His instruction, perhaps, came through in his teaching and healing of the people. The miracles he performed were used as teaching tools, not only for the people but also for his disciples and also for us today.

Why not look closely at where and how you can find places of solitude and teaching moments in your life?


Dear God,

In our busy lives, when we cry out for peace and want to retreat from the world, be with us and help us find the good and the benefits of having to just carry on. Help us to use as many moments as possible to teach, help, love and share your message on our everyday road trips through life.


Gillian Hugo

Gillian was educated at Pretoria High School for Girls and at Johannesburg College of Education where she qualified as a pre-school teacher. She has taught for more than 20 years in the government and private sectors. Gillian is married and has 2 children. She is training as a mindset and mindfulness coach. Gillian enjoys being creative and her hobbies include watercolour painting, reading, travelling and she loves the beach!

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