“Jesus said to him in reply, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Mark 10:51 

Thursday, 28 October 2021 

Mark 10:46–52

A popular thought experiment for persons of faith is to consider what it would be like to stand before God at the end of our lives. We die, go to heaven, and find ourselves face to face with the Almighty. What would that meeting be like? More importantly, if we are allowed to ask him a question, what would that question be? There are so many mysteries in life – which one would we want to be explained? 

The quote for today pushes us to consider why we would want to wait until the end of our lives to ask God for anything. In the Gospel, Bartimaeus stands in front of Jesus, and Jesus asks him that startling question: What do you want me to do for you? What if God were presenting this question to us, right now, at this very moment? Instead of waiting until we meet our Maker, we get the opportunity to meet with him today and ask him what our heart most desires. 

Today, the invitation is to ask yourselves the following questions:

If you could ask anything of God right now, what would that be? Would it be a question asking for clarity on something? Would it be a request for help?

Then, having got clarity on what you most need from God, can you consider approaching God today and asking this from him?  

Loving God,

You are the source of all good things in our lives. We know that you love us and want to give us what we need to praise, reverence and serve you. Give us the grace to be open with you about what we most need in our lives today.


Rev. Grant Tungay SJ

Fr Grant Tungay SJ is a lawyer by training, he left a career in law to join the Jesuits. He specialised in human rights law and has done volunteer work at the SA Human Rights Commission and also worked as an intern for the Centre of Applied Legal Studies at WITS. He worked at the Jesuit Institute South Africa for a few years in the area of social justice and is interested in the overlap between law, social justice and spirituality.

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