“But Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Luke 2:19

Friday, 21 August 2020

Luke 2:1-19

For many mothers, pregnancy can be difficult and yet is, paradoxically, a treasured time. Labour can be very difficult and painful, but afterwards, there is relief and rejoicing at the arrival of the newborn into the world.

Think about Mary giving birth: There was no place to stay in Joseph’s home town. They had to shelter with the animals in the barn. Who assisted this first-time mother during her labour? There was no family nearby. Was there a local midwife perhaps? She would have been a stranger to Mary. Mary wrapped her newborn baby in cloth. We are told that she treasured this gift that God had given her.

Today we plan baby showers and receive gifts for the baby. God sent the shepherds and Magi to give gifts to Mary. She treasured all these moments, the good and the challenging.

Today we call to mind our mothers. Maybe we realise that we are not conscious of the woman who gave birth to us. Many mothers give up their dreams to raise their children. Like Mary, they are willing to sacrifice for their children. Mary walked with her son to the very end. Sometimes we forget what our mothers have done – and continue to do – for us. We might have stopped them the joy of being in our lives through thick and thin for one reason or another. Sometimes the challenges of life mean that we are estranged from our mothers. Today, during this women’s month, we are invited to pause and pray for our mothers, wherever they may be. What grace do you ask God to give your mother today?

I pray today that I may learn to value and appreciate the women in my life, especially my mother, and those who are mother figures to me. May I be to them, the gift that I am meant to be.

Ms Nonto Thulile Mhlongo

Nonto Mhlongo works at the St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre giving retreats. She has completed the spiritual direction training programme with the Jesuit Institute.

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