“And they would not accept him. And Jesus said to them, ‘A prophet is despised only in his own country, among his own relations and in his own house’; and he could work no miracle there, except that he cured a few sick people by laying his hands on them.”

Mark 6:3-5

Thursday, 8 July 2021

Mark 6:1-6


On his return to his home town, a place where he is well known, Jesus is not accepted. His own people reject him. Elsewhere, he has performed miracles, taught in synagogues, healed many and yet in his home town, he is scorned and met with negativity and cynicism. Was Jesus expecting this? Did he deserve this kind of treatment?

Are we also guilty of this negativity in our lives? In church life, in our workplace, in politics, perhaps? Do others so easily influence us that we are sucked into the negativity and fail to see the good, the just, the truth?

Jesus was a prophet in his own country, and yet he was criticised and undervalued. He was seen to be above himself. He was cut down to size, the size that his own people had decided on. They overlooked his gift of wisdom and healing and ignored his message. The people of Nazareth were blinded by their own opinions and egos. Their inability to see the good in Jesus prevented them from receiving the life that he was offering.

Ask yourself this: Am I guilty of this sort of behaviour? Do I undervalue someone based on what I know about them, their history, their family? Have I made up my mind what their worth is and don’t allow them to offer more than what I think they can? Look at that person through a different lens – open your eyes to the gifts they may have to offer. Look at that person the way a stranger may, admiring the strengths and attributes that make her or him special.

Lord God,

So many times, I look for your presence in the big decisions, the big events. Help me to recognise your presence in ordinary, day to day encounters. Open my eyes to the gifts before me and help me not to undervalue those around me.


Gillian Hugo

Gillian was educated at Pretoria High School for Girls and at Johannesburg College of Education where she qualified as a pre-school teacher. She has taught for more than 20 years in the government and private sectors. Gillian is married and has 2 children. She is training as a mindset and mindfulness coach. Gillian enjoys being creative and her hobbies include watercolour painting, reading, travelling and she loves the beach!

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