“And they brought him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech; and they asked him to lay his hand on him.”

Mark 7:32

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Mark 7:31-37

This verse speaks to me of an intervention. The people, possibly friends of the deaf man, bring him to Jesus to ask for healing. We are not told how the man became deaf. Has he been deaf from birth, or was there an accident that caused his deafness? “An impediment in his speech” can mean that he could hear previously and learned to speak, but not clearly. His friends loved this man and because he couldn’t intercede for himself, they did so for him.

What is the lesson for us in this verse? Have we become deaf to the messages that we are meant to receive? Have we become deaf to God’s voice? Has our deafness caused us to have a speech impediment? Are we speaking unclearly, giving the wrong messages to those around us?

Who are the people, friends and family members that are interceding for us? We are surrounded by those who want the best for us. We are often unaware of our hurtful actions and thoughtless comments. Our closest friends know us and know our hearts. When we behave or say things that are out of character, these are the first people to notice. Do we listen closely when they point out these flaws? Or do we become deaf to their observations? As a mother, I know how often I ask God to “lay his hands” on my children and my family and my friends. I try to assist and encourage and guide where I can, but that is not always enough.

The importance in this verse is that the man willingly came to Jesus, with his friends, for help. He recognised that he needed help. He knew that his deafness and speech impediment were stumbling blocks for him, a stone in his path. He knew it was time to change his ways.

Perhaps we too, have these impediments that are holding us back? Can you identify them? Are you ready to change them? Are you willing to allow your loved ones to intercede for you and to help you?

Dear God,

I pray that you open my ears to hear your message, touch my lips so that I may speak with love and kindness. Thank you for all those in my life that are willing to intercede for me. May I do the same for others.


Gillian Hugo

Gillian was educated at Pretoria High School for Girls and at Johannesburg College of Education where she qualified as a pre-school teacher. She has taught for more than 20 years in the government and private sectors. Gillian is married and has 2 children. She is training as a mindset and mindfulness coach. Gillian enjoys being creative and her hobbies include watercolour painting, reading, travelling and she loves the beach!

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