“..and after three days to rise again..”

Mark 8:31

Friday, 17 September 2021

Mark 8:27-35

“Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.” (Mark 8:34)

We see today that Jesus not only predicts his passion and death but also says, “and after three days to rise again.” Peter focuses on the suffering that Jesus undergoes, and he and the disciples ignore this part of what Jesus says because they can make no sense of it. True to Jesus’ words, resurrection is what happens, and Jesus fulfils his mission to redeem Creation. The pattern of the cross and death and resurrection is woven into our lives.

God the Father raised Jesus from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit. What happens to Jesus as “the first-born from the dead” (Col 1:18) is our gift too, because God raises us from the dead in the same power of the Holy Spirit. Death and daily ‘dyings’ and sufferings have no more power over us – they are overcome by the power and abundant graces of our Triune God. Jesus has connected heaven and earth. Nothing “will be able to come between us and the love of God, known to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

We can now live the gifts of our resurrection life! What is resurrection life and how do we live it? Our invitation and joy are to participate in bringing God’s work to birth by imitating Jesus in loving service. It is in the participation in God’s loving plan for the world that we come to intimate unity with God both on this side and the other side of death, and so save our lives. Our motivation is not the reward or punishment but the love of our gracious God. May we live this hope!

What is my motivation for my living out the purpose of my life? How will I live resurrection life today?

“.. for anyone who loses his life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.” (Mark 8:35)

Gracious God,

Help us to co-operate with your vision by surrendering to your will. Help us to use our gifts with gratitude and joy. Help us to trust that what we learn in our difficulties will gift us with compassion and understanding which will serve both ourselves and your whole creation. Help us to come to the fullness of life which you promise by living in loving service. Unite us to Yourself, Creator God, Redeeming Son and Sanctifying Spirit, now and always. .


Katharine Knowles

Katharine Knowles was educated at the Dominican Convent of Our Lady of Mercy in Springs; and at the University of the Witwatersrand where she did a B.Sc. Physiotherapy graduating in 1973. She worked in this field, except for a few child-bearing years, until retirement in the last few years. She was trained as a spiritual director by the Jesuit Institute. She is deeply grateful for the gift of 3 children and 4 grandchildren (so far). Hobbies include walking, reading, being in nature and travel.

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