The 2019 series of Winter Living Theology brings Fr David Marcotte SJ to South Africa for a series on the spirituality and psychology of well-being.

We live in a world where anxiety, stress and depression are rife and seem to place a heavy burden on many people’s lives.

Marcotte, a US Jesuit priest is Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Director of Clinical Training at the Jesuits’ Fordham University in New York.

He will address and reflect on our growing culture of psychological illness and the possibility for well-being that spirituality can afford. There is undeniable scientific evidence that shows that the practices of mindfulness, meditation and prayer can significantly contribute to our overall well-being and to our desire for peace and compassion for ourselves and others.

Listen to this podcast and receive a taster of what’s in store at this year’s series.

If you’re interested in attending one of his talks across Southern Africa, please visit our website for more information: