by Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

“Prayer in action is love, love in action is service.” – St. Teresa of Calcutta

On the 4th September Mother Teresa was officially recognised as a Saint. For the last twenty five years of her life, she lived without the consolation of any felt sense of God’s presence or closeness. Yet she chose to continue to live with faithfulness the life she had felt herself called to. She was a human being, not free from flaws or the limitations of her personality and world-view – but her daily care for the poorest and most neglected has inspired many people of various faiths and none. Often we also go through times (hopefully more short-lived than Mother Teresa experienced) when we find it difficult to sense God’s closeness. We may wonder if what we are doing is having any real impact in our world when the problems around us seem overwhelming.  Mother Teresa’s life encourages us to persevere in the times of doubt and struggle. To continue to do faithfully what we have sensed ourselves called to, trusting God that the ripples of those actions will indeed make a difference.


Gracious God,

Teach us to persevere in times of doubt and struggle.

When we feel desolate give us strength to remain faithful

to what it is that you have called us to do and be.