by Puleng Matsaneng

“May your choices reflect your hope, not your fears” – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

When people display bad leadership one wonders what has gone wrong. I believe that others help me in my daily reflection. A nation, in its reflection can help its leaders. A good leader always listens and applies the fruits of a  nations reflections whereas a bad leader is fueled by fear. In the month of July South Africa celebrates a good leader, our late former state President, Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. He was and still is an icon. He helped to give South Africa a vision. Sadly, today, we are not sure where we are heading – our vision seems to be lost. THE SABC is in such a mess, bad leadership seem to be the core problem. Fear has gripped the SABC’s leadership and has, therefore, stolen its heart of mercy. It seems as if Hlaudi Motsoeneng has turned into a fearful beast! Firing journalists has not resolved the problem but has accelerated the problem and revealed the leadership crisis. Where is the SABC’s 67 minutes of service?


Loving Father,

in these humanly created dark times of our lives, help us to turn and to see your light.

We pray for those leaders that continue to break our hearts in their misinformed ways acting of ruling.

Lord in your name we continue to hope and trust that you pour your wisdom upon them.