John Clarke on saving S.A.’s Wild Coast, and Catholic Social Teaching

John Clarke is a social worker, social justice activist and Catholic. Over the past 17 years, John has been passionate about protecting and sustaining the people and the ecology of South Africa’s Wild Coast.[/vc_column_text]

Having worked for a variety of eclectic organisations – from the IEC to WHO – he now supports the Amadiba community near Xolobeni. The story so far has been plagued with troubles and setbacks. An Australian company is trying to mine the titanium-rich mineral sands. Bribery, corruption, and even violence, has beset the often-divided community. John talks about his personal journey of growth, and how his work is continually informed by Catholic social teaching.


Mr Francis Tuson

Francis John Tuson grew up in Johannesburg and was exposed to Ignatian themes from a young age through his family’s involvement with Christian Life Communities (CLC). He attended De La Salle Holy Cross College for his initial schooling and then was home schooled before returning to De La Salle for his matric year. After trying both Music and Law at the University of the Witwatersrand, he studied Post-Production sound engineering at the Academy of Sound Engineering. Before joining the Jesuit Institute, Francis worked variously, as a dubbing engineer, a sound designer, and a final mix engineer – working on a variety of projects, with a many different languages from around the world including; Mandarin, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Hindi, Hausa, French and Zulu. Francis is working on as much of the Jesuit Institute’s media as possible, attempting to drag the Jesuit institute, and ultimately the Catholic Church into the 21st century. In his free time, Francis enjoys extreme sports,hiking, and playing music. @frank_tuson
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