Janine Scott-dos Santos on raising a child with Autism, the fight for inclusion and family

“The Church should be about community. The Church should be about inclusion. Often in the Church there seems to be quite a territorial sentiment about some of these things. When we are so territorial about something we think that we’re seeking to make it perfect, but actually, it starts to exclude and the Church is not an exclusive club!”

Janine Scott-dos Santos is mom to Owen, a superhero boy with Autism. She runs her own HR business.

Ricardo da Silva SJ talks to Janine about Autism, the joys and challenges of being a mom to a child with special needs and the impact this has had on her family and church life.

Rev. Ricardo da Silva SJ

Rev. Ricardo da Silva SJ (born in Coimbra, Portugal 1983; entered the Jesuits 2007; ordained deacon 2019) immigrated to Johannesburg, South Africa with his mother at the age of six. He had a career in marketing, communications and brand management before joining the Jesuits in 2007 and has studied communications (SA), philosophy (UK), theology (Brazil) and journalism (USA). He is passionate about liturgical music, communications, and ethics and takes delight in good company and food. He has ministered to a wide range of people in many different contexts, from the elderly to high school and university students, refugees, migrants and the homeless. He has just completed the foundational Master of Science degree at the prestigious Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

r.dasilva@jesuitinstitute.org.za @ricdssj
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