• ​God communicates with us at every moment but often we are so busy we don’t notice his nudges and invitation. This little exercise of praying over the experience of your day takes only ten minutes and will help you to become more aware of what God is saying to you especially if you do it regularly.
  • Take some time to slow down from the rush of the day and become aware that God is with you. Ask God to show you where he has been drawing you through the events of your day.
  • Think back over the day from the time you woke up and allow it to replay in your mind – almost like rewinding and playing a video.
  • Notice the different things that happened and how they left you feeling.
  • Notice first moments in the day which drew you closer to God. You can discover these by noticing the experiences which left you feeling more generous, more hopeful, more alive and creative; times when you felt peaceful, excited or content.(eg. perhaps attending a particularly interesting lecture; spending time with friends or receiving an encouraging e-mail or sms). Sometimes painful moments like hearing something on the news which makes you more aware of the suffering of others can also draw you closer to God. Ignatius called all of these ‘moments of consolation.’
  • Spend some time thanking God for those moments of consolation in your day and storing up those experiences in your heart to encourage you in the tough times.
  • Now notice moments in day when you felt alienated from God, others or yourself. Times when you felt frustrated, ill-at-ease; anxious or trapped; moments when you felt less generous; less open to God. Ignatius called these moments of desolation. Spend a few minutes bringing those moments in the day to God and asking for whatever healing or forgiveness you need.
  • Think about the day ahead and what grace you need. Maybe you need courage to cope with a difficult meeting or energy to cope with a very full day. Whatever it is you need ask God for it confident that he wants to help you

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