This is a technical term for a Daily Awareness exercise: It is a simple process which only takes ten minutes each day. It will enable you to check-in with your inner compass each day. The value is in doing it regularly.

  • Find a place where you will not be interrupted. Take a few minutes to settle yourself. Take some deep breaths…….recall your statement of meaning and purpose. Let this be a backdrop for this exercise.
  • Remember back over the events and experiences of the day as if rewinding and replaying a video tape of the day. Allow the events of the day to unfold in your memory – don’t force it but just remember what you can. Notice your reactions and feelings.
  • Notice which moments or experiences in your day were most life-giving. Look for experiences which left you feeling peaceful, alive, generous, creative, hopeful. Or you may have experienced something that was painful or difficult but which nevertheless left you feeling a sense of peace and rightness at a deep level. Recall those moments in as much detail as possible. What made them life-giving?
  • Now notice the moments in the day which were life-draining; Look out for experiences of feeling trapped, anxious, irritated; ill at ease, lacking in energy or patience, stressed. Allow yourself to just become aware of what was happening for you at those times.
  • At which moments were you most aligned with your deepest desires and core values? At which moments were you least aligned with or most disconnected from your deepest desires and core values? Where were you living in harmony with your meaning and purpose and where were you drawn away from your meaning and purpose?
  • Imagine the day that lies ahead. What do you think you will need to cope well with the day and to live it in a way that is aligned with your meaning and purpose? It might be energy to cope with a heavy workload; the courage to challenge a decision you disagree with; wisdom to deal with a difficult situation. Whatever it is you need either ask for it or imagine yourself in that situation with the particular strength you need for the day ahead.

JOURNAL 1)     Make a brief note of both what was most life-giving and what was most life-draining. 2)     Try to do the Daily Awareness Exercise as consistently as possible. At regular intervals look back over your journal entries. 3)     Do you notice any recurring patterns or themes? 4)     Do you start to notice any clues about your meaning or purpose? 5)     Do they alert you to changes you need to be able to live out your meaning and purpose more fully? Remember this is not an exercise in self-evaluation but rather in self-awareness. Audio files to guide you through this process can be downloaded from: