‘Man in the Middle: A Memoir’ by Fr Fidelis Mukonori SJ

Jesuit Father, Fidelis Mukonori, was a key player in Robert Mugabe’s fall from power in Zimbabwe. Although he has his critics, he has played an important role in the politics of Zimbabwe for four decades. He was involved in the struggle for his country’s freedom, convincing exiles like Mugabe that the only way to end the Rhodesian Bus War was through a negotiated settlement. After liberation he continued to work for justice and spent a lot of time trying to resolve the issue of land in Zimbabwe. His memoirs reveal a history that is largely unknown. Mukonori was part of and witnessed a number of very important moments in the country’s history – Mugabe’s fall being the latest. The Jesuit has witnessed and participated in the way Zimbabwe’s story has unfolded in the last 40 years. Read more about Mukonori’s involvement in the fall of Mugabe HERE.

To read the review of “Man in the Middle: A Memoir” by Festo Mkenda SJ go HERE.

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