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Everyone is born with the gift of creativity. Many people think that creativity is only in the field of the arts and yet that is not the only place where we can explore our creative side. All of life invites a creative response from us.

The capacity to be creative is an awesome gift from God to each one of us. Creativity refers to the invention or origination of a new thing. This could be a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc. that has value. God the creator of all that is, has made us in God’s own image and gifted us with creativity.  When we pay proper attention to our surrounding and ourselves, we are able to respond to this great gift of God. We can be open to developing ourselves to the full and to sharing all that God has given us to share. Those around us can see the gift and we can all share in this excitement and joy.

The precious thing about our own creative gifts is that they also grow with us as we continue to mature. We need just to nurture these gifts. Our imagination in this whole process of recognising and developing this gift, gives us the opportunity to develop with God.

Not only is creativity important but so is the ability to express one’s needs. When a baby is uncomfortable about something, its cries will definitely alert those taking care of them to be aware that something is not right.  When they are content, they will show a happy reaction to those looking after them.

Over the past few weeks we had the student protests for #FeesMustFall in which they expressed their concerns.  This took me back to my student days and I know I was not the only one who felt this.  My colleagues mentioned similar concerns to mine. University fees are high especially if you come from a family which does not have a high-income. I went to university for my first year and in my second year I could not return because I could not afford the fees.  That year I created a small business. I was fortunate to raise enough money and returned the following year to finish off my studies. I am hoping that solutions will be found to the crisis in education that will be favourable to the students who come from families struggling to pay their tuition.

I wonder if the Minister of Higher Education will be creative enough to find ways to help these students. The country is in desperate need of people who are educated, in whatever areas. I am disappointed by his withholding of a feasibility report in 2012 which showed that free university education for poor South Africans is possible.   The Minister argues the fact saying that the documents were not going to produce money: Mr Minister I believe it is all about creativity. The position you hold requires the finding of creative solutions. We do not want leaders who like the scribes, simply seek to take the front seats in the synagogues and the places of honour at banquets. We want people who will use their gifts, their imaginations and creativity to find solutions to the pressing issues that face us.

Ms Puleng Matsaneng

Puleng works in Spirituality and researches Ignatian Spirituality in an African context. Her area of speciality is in exploring how African themes and practices of spirituality dialogue with the Western traditions, and how that is understood in relation to Ignatian Spirituality. She has looked at how Ignatian Spirituality can be integrated into the African worldview. Most especially, how the use of song and storytelling can be part of the prayer process. She is currently managing retreats in daily life and training prayer guides. Puleng is also involved in ongoing Spiritual Direction, giving 8-day and 30-day retreats. Her latest venture is a pilot programme of healing workshops that use the principles of Ignatian Spirituality.
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