Listen to Rev. Prof. Bryan Massingale from Fordham University, New York, one of the world’s leading Catholic social ethicists and scholars of African-American theological ethics, racial justice & liberation theology, giving this fascinating lecture – recorded at St Augustine College on the 5th of March 2019.
There has been no previous scholarship that has put these two pivotal figures into conversation with each other. Both were critical of Christianity for its complicity in racism, yet each also held some hope that faith-based institutions could be resources for the goal of creating multiracial democracies. For both the USA and SA, that goal is still a work in progress – at best. By examining these two figures, we gain insight into the similarities of the struggle for racial justice on both sides of the Atlantic, and retrieve insights for the work that remains toward inclusive justice.

Earlier in the day, Fr Massingale also appeared on Radio 702 with Eusebius McKaiser for an hour where his upcoming talk was discussed in a segment on his morning show entitled “Unpacking Christianity’s complicity in racism.” The podcast from Radio 702 is below: