Lenten Prayer Reflections by Ron Boudreaux SJ

“..sometimes religion motivates violence, and sometimes it is used, even manipulated, to justify violence. There also is  violence unrelated to    religion that gets religiously charged    because the conflicting parties happen to be of different faiths.” (Rev. Shanta Premawardhana, Interfaith Relations Director for the National  Council of Churches, USA )

Even God can be used for hatred and violence.  In fact, as we look at the world around us, we see unimaginable hatred and violence being committed in the name of God.  One’s difference of opinion can lead to demonization and even death.  But how can this be since we are all guilty; each one of us stands guilty before God.  God’s way is to sort things out himself.  He has no need for humans to do his work.  Yet, people continue to assume for themselves the right to make judgments for God.  That is the ultimate reach of pride: to do for God what he does not need done.

Almighty God, teach me to accept that I am only to be a tool for good, never for evil. 

Teach me to avoid judging the behaviour of others and to pray for their ultimate good.