Lenten Prayer Reflections by Ron Boudreaux SJ

“We were not realizing that, with just a machete, you can do a genocide.” (Boutros Boutros-Ghali)

All created things have a good use and an evil use.  Televisions, computers, knives, shoes, fire, water…all can be used for good or they can be used for evil.  The goal of all people of goodwill should be to use all created things to give praise and glory to God, who created all things.  Therefore, I should use every created thing in a way that will bring about some good and avoid those uses which could result in evil.  I must also be a discerning person who can choose well among God’s created things.

Teach me, O Lord, to discern properly so that I can learn to properly use the gifts you have created for me. 

For the sake of your people, let me turn weapons into ploughshares.