A voice came from the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” Luke 9:35

If we look at our lives and relationships do we not see the dramatic difference between relationships based on fear as opposed to those based in friendship? A relationship based on fear or dependency is one we enter into unwillingly or with reservation. It is unequal and based on need. Quite often, it’s about what each can get from the other, a constant and usually unequal negotiation of everything: resources in exchange for services, love in exchange for loyalty. It plays out in so many aspects of our lives: loyalty to one’s employer in exchange for salary, perks and promotions; faithfulness to one’s partner in exchange for presents or livelihood.

At its most brutal the basis of such covenants are rooted in fear: fear of abuse and violence. If we relate to God in ways similar to these we are engaging in a sick version – a perversion literally – of God’s covenant with us.

God’s covenant which we encounter in Jesus is not perverted, not a cosmic mirror of such unhealthy treaties. It is a covenant of love, an invitation, not a command carrying threats of savage retribution, to friendship with the God we see in Jesus Christ. For even as we see Jesus transfigured today, we see one who comes not in power but in love, a love that is willing to die for us.

For prayer today take a moment to sit quietly with your eyes shut and image Jesus looking at you with love. What might Jesus say to you today?

This reflection is taken from Deepening Friendship with God: Daily Reflections for Lent

By Anthony Egan SJ, Trevor Hudson, Russell Pollitt SJ

Available from the Jesuit Institute contact us at lent@jesuitinstitute.org.za