by Puleng Matsaneng

A voice cries, “Prepare in the desert a way for Yahweh. Make a straight highway for our God across the wastelands”.  Isaiah 40:3

This year is almost over. At the end of the year we are afforded the opportunity to reflect back on what has been good or bad. The year-end also brings a beautiful gift: the birth of our loving Lord. We are waiting patiently for his arrival. His coming consoles us as we notice those sad or damaged parts in us and our world. The hope, filled with joy, that God through him gives us, will help us begin to see the world through his loving eyes. This is a time for many families to correct wrongs that took place in the course of the year amongst family members. We are grateful for a king who brings hope, love, joy and peace to humanity.

This could also be a time for our leaders to reflect: have we governed in his light? Poor leadership has an impact on many people and causes suffering. Many people feel excluded from resources. Can leaders work to make resources available to everyone in the same ways that God made his son available to us. God shared his son with us, are we willing to share what we have with others?


Lord God,

as we come closer to the birth of your loving Son, Jesus, we pray that we will continue to welcome him into our hearts and world.

Our hearts are holding your words – hope, love, joy and peace as we await his birth.

 Our waiting for him brings joy to everyone waiting for him.

 Lord we give thanks to you for this great gift.

May we too become gifts to each other.