by Iswamo Kapalu

“With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The world, it seems, is entering, what to all observers, appears to be a challenging time in our collective history. Politics, economics and culture are interacting in new, exciting and somewhat frightening ways.

Technology has improved our access to each other’s presence, thoughts and ideas. And while this has brought us closer together, it has in some ways torn us further apart.

As the earth beneath the familiar begins to shift, some will reach out with enthusiasm to the new and others scramble helplessly to keep the old together.

But since not all that is new is good, and not all that is old is bad, discerning what is good of the old and what is bad of the new will take an unparalleled amount of personal and collective discipline, faith and love. It will also require selfless and dutiful leadership from women and men who lead us.


We pray for your perfect peace,

both in our lives and in the world at large.

We pray that you will raise up leaders who are equal to the great and uncertain future that lies ahead of us and that you will fill everyone with your love,

discipline, and selflessness.