Winter Living Theology 2014

The Leaders We Deserve?

We are delighted to present Prof Al Gini, world expert on ethics in public life, to deliver this year’s speaker tour around South Africa.

All the way from Loyola University Chicago, Prof Al Gini will explore the Philosophy and Theology of leadership in politics, in business, in the Church – 20 years after Liberation, 1 year after the election of Pope Francis, 6 Months after Mandela’s passing, only a few weeks after our 5th elections.


Lent Reflections for your smart phone


From a hard cover book to your mobile device, Fr Anthony Egan’s book “A Revolution of the Spirit” offers Daily Meditations for Lent 2014. It is now available FOR FREE for smart phones and tablets on all mobile platforms.



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Fr Anthony Egan is interviewed by Vatican Radio about his Lent book and the Lent app. click here to read the article or to hear the interview. 

Justice must be done and be seen to be done

Justice must be done and be seen to be done 

by Raymond Perrier

The phrase above – credited to an English judge 90 years ago – has been trotted out frequently in the recent debate about allowing television cameras into the trial of Oscar Pistorius.  It is a phrase that worries me since it is often used by people who are trying to dress up an ignoble sentiment and make it appear more noble.  Other seemingly noble phrases have been ‘the public have a right to know’ and ‘in the public interest’.