Fr Nick King in South Africa

The Jesuit Institute South Africa is proud to be hosting the New Testament scholar, Fr. Nicholas King SJ. Fr. King recently published a fresh new translation of the bible. He writes a weekly column on the Sunday Scriptures for The Southern Cross and is currently teaching at the Jesuit School of Ministry at Boston College in the USA. He has published extensively on the New Testament. Fr King will be in South Africa in June - July 2015 to lead the annual Winter Living Theology (WLT) around the country. His tour will be held in 5 cities, which will include Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town. He will also be offering public lectures at some South African Universities.  

The title of Fr. King’s lectures will be "The Scandal of Christian Disunity – a Biblical Approach".

The download the schedule for all 5 cities Click here


by Fr Anthony Egan SJ

Thirty-five years ago last week, on March 24th 1980, a great, holy man was martyred. Oscar Romero, the Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador in El Salvador, was shot by agents of a right wing death squad while celebrating mass in a hospital chapel.  On May 23rd this year he will be formally beatified.