Press Release Promotion of Justice by JASCNET

23 February 2015
Renewing our commitment to “a faith that does justice”

Justice is integral to the living out of our Christian faith and Jesuit identity. Therefore, justice should permeate all our works and apostolates.

More and more people find themselves living on the margins of our world because of the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The Society of Jesus in Africa recognises the urgent need for a collaborative and strategic response from all its ministries as we continue to work for justice.

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Hope for South Africa

by Grant Tungay SJ

In the Walter Sisulu National Botanitcal Gardens in Roodepoort, there is a beautiful Mountain Hard-Pear tree. What makes this particular tree unique is that it has been struck by lightning. The tree trunk has been damaged by the lightning, but around the dead wood, new wood has grown. However, because the trunk of the tree can no longer support the tree’s weight, the staff at the Botanical Gardens have put two or three pillars under the tree to support it. So much effort has gone into keeping this tree alive, because the seeds of the Mountain Hard-Pear tree are incredibly hard to germinate.

Fists and Fury: A Worrying State of the Nation in South Africa by Fr Russell Pollitt SJ

South Africans watched as the country’s Parliament erupted into a brawl just a few sentences into President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday Feb. 12. Security was called in, punches got thrown and members of one opposition party were forcibly removed. In the aftermath of the ejection of some members, other opposition members of Parliament (MPs) staged a protest by walking out. After the scuffle the President stood up, chuckled and continued as if nothing had happened.

Article written for and published by America Magazine on 15 February 2015 

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