Press Statement on Xenophobic attacks from The Jesuit Institute

The ongoing violence in Soweto against foreign persons and their business constitutes another South Africa's shameful history of xenophobia. The savagery demonstrated and the failure to put a stop to the current (and earlier) incidents of xenophobia violence is deeply disturbing and displays a failure of the State to put an end to such behavior both by the enforcement of the law and the education of citizens in respect of the rights of foreign nationals. This is a national disgrace.

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Freedom of Expression and Religion in Secular Society

By Grant Tungay SJ

Last week in our bulletin, Fr. Chris Clohessy presented an excellent discussion on hate speech and the limits to our freedom of expression. For this week’s bulletin, I wanted to explore this theme further and ask the following question: ‘What role does freedom of expression play in our ability to practice religion in a secular society?’