Women’s Month: The Real Issues

By Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

It is August and Women’s Month. Given the life and death nature of issues faced by many women in our country and the critical need to raise awareness and effect change, it is highly problematic when women’s month fails to tackle these issues and instead degenerates into a chocolates and ribbons – “let’s be nice to women this month” marketing opportunity. 


by Fr Anthony Egan S.J.

At a time when the economy is bad, South Africa’s potentially lucrative tourism industry is in trouble. It is our own fault. Rather than make the weak Rand work in our favour, Government has imposed a swathe of ludicrous visa requirements that undermine one of the few areas for potential economic growth in the country. The Minister for Tourism, Derek Hanekom, has courageously admitted this in so many words. Will his colleagues listen to him?

Corruption hurts us all, but the poor most of all

by Frances Correia

Nkandla is again in the news because it may need further security upgrades. It has become the icon of corruption in our country, where power is exercised without accountability for personal gain. However corruption is not limited to those who hold the most privileged positions of power. Going to a state hospital and discovering that there are no sheets, or that the toilets in my local school are not working are may be other signs of the endemic nature of corruption around us.